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Some notes on Squirrel

Posted on 03 Feb 2013

Squirrel is an embeddable language with an API very similar to Lua’s (stack based). Squirrel has a lot of nice language features that you can see on their site. Here are some notes on certain parts of squirrel that I’ve come across so far. A more complete definition for _inherited The _inherited metamethod which is called when a class extends the class that implements it. It’s defined as such (with this being the new class):...

For Such A Simple Site

Posted on 20 Jul 2012

There’s a lot of javascript. Like way more than I thought when I decided to scrap wordpress in place of jekyll. It started small, like it always does; a little js for the twitter dealie. Next thing you know I’m using javascript all over the place ‘just cause’ (that’s not entirely true but I digress). One interesting thing I learnt (well confirmed) is that Internet Explorer still sucks major balls; this site’s layout is pretty...

Changed hosts

Posted on 24 Feb 2012

So I changed things up and got some dedicated hosting to No Support Linux Hosting from + domain mapping. So far, I’m loving their setup :) Anywho, expect to see more here; there’s a reason why I got myself some dedicated hosting. Peace. Out.

Some annoyances

Posted on 24 Sep 2011

This is a big reason why I haven’t really touched dynarec in a good while. So I was writing up the whole pseudo asm dealie, works a lot how I’m doing it with x86 opcodes now except more generic. At compile time I wanted to translate the generic ones to the real calls, that’s easy… registers not so much. So me placing way too much trust in the abilities of the cpp though I could...

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