For Such A Simple Site

Posted on 20 Jul 2012

There’s a lot of javascript. Like way more than I thought when I decided to scrap wordpress in place of jekyll. It started small, like it always does; a little js for the twitter dealie. Next thing you know I’m using javascript all over the place ‘just cause’ (that’s not entirely true but I digress). One interesting thing I learnt (well confirmed) is that Internet Explorer still sucks major balls; this site’s layout is pretty damn simple and IE still fucks it up (am I using CSS wrong?).

Anyway I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to make this site IE friendly since I feel if they won’t do it right, why should I work around them? That made the addition of some nice frivilous scripting that just displays a warning when IE is detected. Then it was google analytics cause I love knowing when that 1 random dude stumbles onto this place. Now I included disqus which is very nice. I am liking how the web is shifting to this ad hoc software as a service type thing. And while that could lead to interesting situations down the road, since a part of my site can now be held hostage (I trust it won’t, but things can change).

So yeah, new site (it’s been like this for a while but whatevs).

Oh yeah also Internet Defence League that’s another piece of javascript that’s been added cause I’m liking the idea and signed up and as soon as I have some money to spare (yeah I can’t even spare $5 right now) I’m going to get myself a membership card.

And while I’m here, dynarec hasn’t been seeing any love and probably won’t for a while. It’s my ‘I’m bored of what I’m doing right now’ project and I haven’t been bored for a while.

What I have currently got going on is a game engine and game, some serialising stuff (in the code it’s serialize, you’re welcome yanks) and a nice big post on creating dynamic peer to peer communications (NAT hole punching) that should be done soon; that’s valve time maybe.

Peace. Out.

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